January 28, 2008

Before & After



This is what we awoke to the other morning. The house sits on a high bluff overlooking Rosman Creek. The vantage point is spectacular... looking into the tops of the trees. Last year a raccoon family made their home in a tree right outside this dining room window. We had great fun watching them climb up and down their tree and poke their heads out of their tree hole.

Of course, while most see the beauty of this white velvet blanket... my mind goes to hoping the snow blower starts one more time, or why, after 15 inches of cellulose in the attic, do I still have 8 foot long ice cycles, or will my budgeted heating payment be raised again, etc.

This is an access deck I had to build in order to maintain the gutters on the back of the house. I used copper water pipe for balisters.

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