February 27, 2008

2 bathrooms... 1 quiet & powerful fan

When you have four young kids, you have to be ever vigilant... always on alert... ear to the ground. What are they up to? Where are they at?

Thanks to our super quiet, but powerful Fantech ventilator, we can even monitor the gang while running the bathroom fan... which is impossible with most fans available. Honestly, if it weren't for the indicator light on the timer, you would not know it was running. Although a bit pricey, I'm really glad I put this thing in.

In addition to being able to hear what's happening around the house while running the fan, it is also really important to get rid of all the steam (and other gasses) generated in the bathroom. Let's just say, with this thing, you don't want to leave any loose toilet paper or small children lying about. I may have oversized it just a bit.

I have two bathrooms upstairs that this single fan takes care of. I mounted it in a utility closet, ran flex duct to each of the bathrooms and connected a butterfly damper with a rubber seal that closes off when not in use. The fan then vents out the bottom (I think it's 8 inch) and runs out a side wall.

It's controlled by a digital timer with timed presets in each bathroom.

Another nice thing is that if the fan ever needs servicing, you don't have to tear into your ceilings to get at it or worry that a replacement unit won't fit in the same ceiling cut out. This thing hangs in a closet.

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