February 28, 2008

Our Bungalow Tree House

My dad decided that our kids needed a tree fort and built them THIS! I think he originally had a simple platform with canvas roof in mind... well... one thing led to another... and we ended up with a bungalow fort.

He built it at the ravine edge with Rosman Creek below as seen in the winter pic. It's a great site for it. Our house sits up a little higher on the hillside so we get a nice view of the fort and creek.

Dad had some extra cedar laying around... I found some used cedar at a Habitat Restore Store. A friend of mine had some used cedar shakes that he was going to use for kindling. Handrail made from old water piping we yanked from the wall. Support timbers from jack posts I used when adding new support beams in our basement. Lots of hand-me-downs in this thing. The kids love it. We love it. And we love dad & grandpa for building it for us.


Amalie said...

Amazing :-)

My dad built a playhouse for me and I so loved it-- they let me put a Christmas tree in there and decorate it with all the broken ornaments.

Your kids must loooove it!!

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

How awesome is that! If I was a kid and that was my treehouse, I would never want to come home.

kitrainia said...

The minute I saw this pic I just had to click on - Too Cool. I want one. Definitely a must have.

Anonymous said...

heyy!!! that is an awesome treehouse!!! i tottally want one now!

Lofty Guy said...

I wanna treehouse! I've always enjoyed loft-style living, I think I need a treehouse in the woods somewhere.

Double Glazing Pershore said...

Bungalows usually have a small porch with columns set in large brick bases. These porches are often enclosed with screens to keep the bugs away on the summer nights on the porch.